The mission of Patriot Combatives is to increase our student’s safety and maximize their survivability if they find themselves in a violent encounter.

Founded in 2016 Patriot Combatives originally focused on training United States military members in bladed and empty hand combatives. Our founder’s possess backgrounds as combat veterans, law enforcement officers, military medical professionals, certified military hand to hand combat instructors and combined, have over 120 years of individual martial arts training. This background provides a very real understanding of the importance of realistic quality training and the results of taking “competition” training into life or death confrontations. Patriot Combatives does not and will never award a belt, require a specific uniform, or pretend to have the solution to any fight; what we DO, is provide our students with the knowledge of how to use their body in the most efficient manner to avoid catastrophic damage to themselves while ensuring the maximum potential for stopping an assailant and being able to get away.